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This three-day group relations conference offers a unique opportunity to study the conscious and unconscious dynamics involved in how groups organize themselves and interact with each other.  This conference is not a passive learning event that relies upon lectures.  Instead, the learning is experiential.  Participants study how leadership, followership, authority, task, boundaries, and roles operate in the different group experiences they enter during the conference.  The conference will weave art and other non-verbal forms of expression into the conference events to illuminate unconscious dynamics operating in the system of group interactions that members and staff will create together.

What can I learn if I attend the conference?

Participants of this conference are invited to:


  • Develop their leadership capacity and understand how their leadership style affects the group by experimenting with how they respond to the conference’s developing organizational culture

  • Improve strategic thinking through a deeper understanding of how organizations reflect their social, cultural, economic and political environments

  • Learn about “under the surface” forces that impact individuals, groups and organizations

  • Increase effectiveness by recognizing the impact of the group, the culture, the organization and the outside world on people’s work

  • Recognize the impact of differences (age, race, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, political orientation) on group collaboration through work with the diverse membership

  • Apply these insights to the ways they manage family, school, work, and community life.

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