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This three-day group relations conference offers a unique opportunity to study the conscious and unconscious dynamics involved in how groups organize themselves and interact with each other.  This conference is not a passive learning event that relies upon lectures.  Instead, the learning is experiential.  Participants study how leadership, followership, authority, task, boundaries, and roles operate in the different group experiences they enter during the conference.  The conference will weave art and other non-verbal forms of expression into the conference events to illuminate unconscious dynamics operating in the system of group interactions that members and staff will create together.

Film and Lecture Screenings
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On both Friday and Saturday night we will be screening three films. 


The first two are being shown with the permission and support of CSUDH’s Mervyn M. Dymally African American Political & Economic Institute. They were 2019 Featured Speakers of the Dymally Distinguished Speaker Series. 

Dr. Cornel West

"The Rise of Racism in America: Revisiting 'Race Matters'"

Dr. Angela Y. Davis

"A New Generation Finding Its Voice"

The third is a screening of a film scheduled to premiere and broadcast nationally on PBS February 3rd on the acclaimed series Independent Lens:


Judith Helfland's new documentary

COOKED: Survival By Zip Code

Film Reels
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