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Description of Conference Events


The Conference Primary Task

The conference is a temporary institution designed for the primary task of learning about group-as-a whole dynamics as they unfold in the moment (i.e., in the “here and now”). Your conference membership authorizes you to consider and explore the title and themes of the conference as they emerge for you in role (as a member) and individual within the conference system. Your membership in the conference authorizes the conference management and staff to serve in our respective roles to consult to the group-as-a-whole and facilitate the conference's primary task. While in the conference, all intra- and inter-personal, inter-group, and organizational experiences are up for sharing and interpretation, and all members and staff are encouraged to take full ownership of their roles in service of the primary task.


Conference Plenaries (Opening & Closing)

The Opening and Closing Plenaries include membership and staff. 

The Opening Plenary happens at the beginning of the conference, and it is intended to help members enter the conference by orienting the membership to the conference's primary task, introducing the staff, and sharing necessary logistics. 

The Closing Plenary happens at the end of the conference, and members and staff reflect on their conference experiences. It is the demarcation of the end of the conference and is intended to help members transition out of the conference. 

Small Study Group (SSG)

SSGs are led by one consultant who consults to the group-as-a-whole dynamics and not to individual members. During the SSG, the primary task is to study the group-as-a-whole and the unconscious and conscious dynamics that emerge in the moment. 


Large Study Group (LSG)

The LSG is led by three consultants who consult to the group-as-a-whole. The primary task is to study the emergent dynamics of the different subgroups present within the conference system as they emerge and to provide opportunity to learn about conscious and subconscious large group phenomena. 


Review and Application Group (RAG)

In contrast to “here and now” (i.e., in the moment) events, RAGs are “then and there” groups that invite members to make interpretations and learn from their experiences in order to apply learnings to their leadership and work both inside the conference and in their day-to-day work and lives outside the conference. RAG consultants facilitate learning and reflection by engaging members in activities that enable sensemaking and deeper understanding of personal authority and leadership.


The Organizational Event (OE)

The OE is an event in which members self-organize into groups and decide the task for those groups, while still following the conference primary task. This format intends to recreate the various communities that each person belongs to within the greater context of society. As with other groups, the learning from this event is not prescribed. Members are invited to experiment and explore the healing, boundaries, authority, and leadership present within the temporary institution and the experiences we bring from our outside institutions beyond the conference.


Mindfulness Moments (MMs)

As a conference exploring creativity, leadership, and healing within its themes, MMs will create space for reflection, rest, play, and other creative ways to explore the conference's primary task and make sense of individual and collective experiences.

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